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Asbestos removals from any property is a cumbersome and specialised procedure. It can only be undertaken by professionally trained and qualified technicians who have been given the license to do so.

All our professionals are fully licensed and insured. We can carry all asbestos removals projects efficiently and safely, at affordable prices. We use state of the art tools and equipment and our removal practices and techniques are the safest and cost efficient. Asbestos contains carcinogenic fibres and dust which causes cancer and lung diseases which is why only properly qualified and registered professionals can handle this kind of work while following the safest procedures.

We will inspect your premises and provide you with a detailed report with details of the removal work that needs to be carried out. If you are planning repairs, maintenance or carrying out small site demolition tasks, the risk of exposure needs to be assessed so that necessary precautions can be taken. During the removal process, our technicians and anyone in the vicinity are provided with PPE (Personal protective equipment) to protect them from harmful asbestos fumes. Once all the asbestos has been removed, the material is disposed off at a licensed asbestos waste facility. We will then perform a decontamination of the site and issue a clearance certificate which makes it fit to use.

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